Krista Tippett- The One You Feed

035: Krista Tippett (On Being)

  This week we talk to On Being host -- Krista Tippett -- about mystery, paradox, and ambiguity. We discuss finding the path to greatness through hardship. Krista Tippett is a broadcaster, journalist, and author. She is best known for creating and hosting the public radio program On Being (formerly Speaking of Faith), distributed by American Public Media. The program is … [Read More...]



Kino MacGregor The One You Feed

033: Kino MacGregor

  This week on The One You Feed we have Kino MacGregor. We interviewed Kino after one of her weekend yoga retreats that she held in Columbus. We talked upstairs in … [Read More...]

Dan Harris- The One You Feed

032: Dan Harris (ABC News)

  This week on The One You Feed we have Dan Harris. Dan is best known for his work on ABC News, Nightline and Good Morning America, but we invited him on the show because of his latest book: 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress … [Read More...]

Lewis Howes- The One You Feed

031: Lewis Howes

  This week on The One You Feed we have Lewis Howes. I first talked with Lewis when he reached out to us shortly after our launch of the show to introduce himself. He noticed we were from Columbus, Ohio where he used to live. It was a truly kind gesture and … [Read More...]

lama kathy laughing feature

030: Lama Kathy Wesley

  This week on The One You Feed we have Lama Kathy Wesley. Wow...episode #30. Thanks to all of you listening out there. This interview was the 2nd interview we ever conducted and our longest episode we have ever aired. We conducted the interview at … [Read More...]