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064: David K Reynolds- Constructive Living

  This week we talk to Dr. David K Reynolds about Constructive Living Dr. David K Reynolds is the creator of Constructive Living. Constructive Living is a Western approach to mental health education based in large part on adaptations of two Japanese psychotherapies, Morita therapy and Naikan therapy. He is the author of Constructive Living, The Constructive Living … [Read More...]



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063: Roland Merullo

  This week we talk to Roland Merullo about focusing on our internal life Roland Merullo is the author of nine novels, including Breakfast with Buddha and … [Read More...]

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Mini Episode- Feelings, Thoughts and Actions

      We are all interested in how we feel but our emotions are one thing we cannot change directly. We can however change our behavior or thoughts and then bring about emotional change.   Some of our most popular interviews that … [Read More...]

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062: Amy Clover

    This week we talk to Amy Clover about battling depression with fitness Amy Clover is the founder of and the driving force behind the 2014 Strong Inside Out Tour. 8 Years ago she was battling depression and OCD and after a … [Read More...]

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Mini Episode- Tending Our Own Gardens

  An approach to dealing with all the craziness out in the world: tend to you own garden.   Some of our most popular interviews that you might also enjoy: Kino MacGregor Strand of Oaks Mike Scott of the Waterboys Todd Henry- author of … [Read More...]