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Mini Episode: Notice, Don’t Resist

  Often it is resisting what is happening to us that causes more pain than the thing itself. Eric talks about another approach.   Some of our most popular interviews that you might also enjoy: Kino MacGregor Strand of Oaks Mike Scott of the Waterboys Todd Henry- author of Die Empty Randy Scott … [Read More...]


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055: Therese Borchard

  This week we talk to Therese Borchard about handling depression. Therese Borchard is the author of Beyond Blue and The Pocket Therapist. She blogs for Everyday … [Read More...]

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054: James Clear

  This week we talk to James Clear about building habits  James Clear is an entrepreneur, weightlifter, and travel photographer. He writes at, where he talks about scientific research and real-world experiences that help you rethink your … [Read More...]

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053: Michael Galinsky

  This week we talk to Michael Galinsky about the role of emotions in physical pain  Michael Galinsky is an American filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, and musician who has produced and directed a number of documentaries, including Battle from … [Read More...]

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052: Robert Biswas-Diener

  This week we talk to Robert Biswas-Diener about the upside of your dark side  Robert Biswas-Diener  is a psychologist, author and instructor at Portland State University. Biswas-Diener's research focuses on income and happiness, culture and happiness, … [Read More...]