bob proctor- the one you feed

083: Bob Proctor

    This week we talk to Bob Proctor about thought and action Bob Proctor is an author, lecturer, counselor, business consultant, entrepreneur, and teacher  of positive thinking, self-motivation and maximizing human potential. In that endeavor, he follows in the footsteps of such motivational giants as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Wallace D. … [Read More...]


Rick Hanson- The One You Feed

082: Dr. Rick Hanson

  This week we talk to Dr. Rick Hanson about hardwiring happiness into our brain Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and author of Hardwiring … [Read More...]


jackie warner- the one you feed

081: Jackie Warner

  This week we talk to Jackie Warner about using exercise and food to improve low mood Jackie Warner is best known as the star of Bravo’s “Work Out” and … [Read More...]

elephant and the rider- the one you feed

Mini Episode: The Elephant and The Rider

Mini Episode: The Elephant and The Rider One of my favorite books is The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom by Jonathan Haidt. In it, Haidt poses several "Great Ideas" on happiness espoused by thinkers of the past … [Read More...]

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080: Karen Valencic

  This week we talk to Karen Valencic about using movement to get unstuck Karen Valencic is the founder of Spiral Impact, an Indianapolis-based speaking, training and development company, which she founded in 1992. Valencic leverages her expertise in … [Read More...]

Akshay Nanavati The One You Feed

079: Akshay Nanavati

   This week we talk to Akshay Nanavati about learning to use our fear Akshay Nanavati is an explorer, volunteer firefighter, former U.S. Marine, and masters graduate in journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He has been … [Read More...]